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Recently, TT Electronics had the honor of hosting the ‘WCCTV Technology Roadshow’ at our Rogerstone facility in Wales. The opening day was used as a platform to demonstrate WCCTV’s cutting edge technology, while driving home the advantages of partnering with a UK based manufacturer.

WCCTV used the opportunity to showcase their Body Worn Video solutions to a range of their customers, followed by a tour of the Rogerstone facility where attendees had the chance to observe a camera being assembled in real time. The event marked the first of its kind to be held at a supplier’s facility and was met with great enthusiasm, proving once again how this partnership is the ‘right fit’.

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Katelyn M. DeVan | Vice President, Global Marketing

Katelyn M. DeVan | Vice President, Global Marketing

Katelyn leads the marketing strategy for TT Electronics, and also serves as a key advisor to the wider organization for market development strategies and initiatives.


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